Financial Help for our Parish

    During the Closure of the Churches during Covid-19 we would invite you to consider helping to support the Parish.

    Please click on the link below to read about how you might be able to do this. Thank you for whatever you can do.

    Text and Online Giving St Mary Magdalen.pdf

    Text and Online Giving St Teresa.pdf

    Text and On line giving St Oswalds.pdf


    A Message From our Parish Priests:

    St. Mary Magdalen's & St Teresa's and St. Oswald's  benefit from the Gift Aid Scheme. Parishioners who pay tax on their income, both PAYE or investments, are invited to join the scheme. The Tax refunds boost the parish income at no extra cost to the donor.  Unlike the Covenant Scheme, which preceded the Gift Aid Scheme, one does not have to make a commitment of a fixed sum of money - weekly, monthly or annually. 

    You can make contributions by: 

    • Cash or cheque in a numbered envelope placed in the Offertory collection
    • Standing order with the bank
    • The Inland Revenue assumes that your donations have been taxed at the Standard Rate, i.e. 20%, and refunds the Charity at the rate of 25p in the £.You may not be paying at the Standard Rate so you need to be sure that your tax for the year covers the refund that your Gift Aided donations will create.

    How can I Join The Scheme?

    Simply sign a Gift Aid Declaration Form and this will remain current until you inform the Parish Gift Aid Organiser that you are no longer paying tax or that you are leaving the Parish. 


    Contact Father Roy or Father. Michael. (Details at the bottom of this web page for each of the Parishes).

    We have a gift aid organiser in each of the three churches.

    Gift Aided Donations 

    For Special Collections throughout the year, special collections are taken for CAFOD Family Fast, Priests' Training Fund, Priests' Retirement Fund and others. For these charities to gain tax refunds, special envelopes must be used.