Trinity Sunday
16th June 2019
     "The love of God has been poured into our hearts"

One God, Three Persons, united in One Love that has been poured into our hearts! We begin our readings with a beautiful description of how this creative relationship of Love was one with the Creator before all things came into being. Wisdom delighted God as she danced through creation in a spirit of playfulness (First Reading).

The Psalm is a song of human delight in God’s creation, and it sings also of the relationship with creation in which God has invited us to share.

The Second Reading explores this Trinitarian relationship. Through our unity with Jesus we are at peace with God and the love of God enters our hearts by the Holy Spirit. In this letter to the Romans, we are reminded of how this love will helps us to grow in the trinity of Faith, Hope and Love.

In St. John’s Gospel, Jesus encourages his disciples by saying that they do not need to know everything whilst he is still with them. The Holy Spirit will be their guide, and will lead them deeper into the truth of the relationship of Father, Son and Spirit: each Person of the Trinity pouring love into the other.

As the Spirit of love has been poured into our hearts, so we are called to pour out the love of the Spirit into the hearts of all whom we meet. Our faith is based on a God of relationship, and will deepen when we enter more fully into that relationship through prayer. As we try to bring God’s Spirit to all we meet, let us hold each other in prayer this coming week in that same Spirit of creative love.

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Trinity Sunday 

Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time (Year I)


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